Boudoir shoots are exciting and a lot of fun! You are thinking about it, possibly intimidated by the thought, so whether you are considering it for just yourself or as a mind blowing surprise gift for your partner, there is no need to concern yourself over scars or imperfections, don’t wait to lose those extra kilo’s, with special techniques to flatter your body and boost your self-esteem, it’s a private and special experience where you will be made to feel at ease with just a few easy comfortable posing methods that will inspire your mood and expressions to create your intimate and beautiful photo collection. Once you have decided on your theme, you go with what resonates, from flirty and playful, sexy and seductive, pinup bombshell, elegant and erotic, vintage or glamorous, there are so many possibilities and plenty of wardrobe items, prop selections and accessories ranging from veil’s and garters or masks and stilleto’s,  to your partner’s rugby jersey available to plan and deliver amazing photo’s that you’ll love and most likely find difficult to keep “secret”.

“It’s not true that I had nothing on. I had the radio on.” Marilyn Monroe